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Livello 4 – Associazione Culturale in collaboration with the Municipality of Valdagno announces for 2021 the tenth edition of the CRASHTEST Theatre Festival which is dedicated to works of contemporary theatre, research, experimentation and performance.

The aim of the project is to offer emerging theatre companies or artists a place for their works, by favoring the dissemination and comparison between the new subjects of national and international theatre and performing arts. CRASHTEST was born to be an opportunity for cultural exchange and discovery for the territory, an artistic movement, always looking for reciprocity between people and arts.


The tenth edition of CRASHTEST is titled:

LESA REALTÀ (Injured Reality)

Words are stones.
And too much power is hidden in the right to always say, judge and comment.
The access to information and the opinion when sharing habits is now so democratic that everything becomes equal and legitimate.
And us? Can we still distinguish what is real?
We are getting used to believing that reality is just our opinion, even if it is indefensible; what we conceive of the world, is only the storytelling we like best, even if it is indemonstrable.
In order to find our place, we turn the world, one would say, into our image and likeness.
But at what cost?
Where have we left the doubts, the complexities, the nuances and our limits?
They have turned into algorithms, conspiracies, enemies and fake news.
Against the confusion between true and false, against this game of spotlights always on, against the din of superficial shouts, we can defend ourselves with theatre. The place of darkness and silence. The place where the lie gives way to fiction, revealing deep truths. No need to simplify, to make every thought, every gesture, every person effective, competitive, strategic.
The words we choose tell what world we live in.
The words we choose say what kind of humanity we represent.


The candidate's performances, as well as all the other events of this edition, will demonstrate elements of relevance to this topic.


Recent productions by professional companies or single artists residing in the European territory are accepted. It is possible to compete with only one work. The productions have to be in a definitive form. Studies will not be accepted.

The participation of amateur productions and of productions that debuted before 2017 are both excluded.


Any potential projects must notify the organization by filling in the application form ( complete with curriculum, sending an artistic and technical sheet of the project and a link to the full video of the performance (compulsory).
The selected artists will be asked for further materials useful for the promotion of the event.
The form must be filled in by and no later than March 15, 2021.
By completing and sending the registration form, candidates undertake to accept this regulation in all its parts.
There are no registration costs.
The finalists will be guaranteed room and board for the days of the festival, and a fixed fee of €1000 (gross) for performance.
For any further information, you can contact the organization at the address Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..



The organizing team, having read all the materials received, will select four finalists, who will then be called to perform on the evenings of 10 and 11 September 2021, presenting their works in Valdagno (Vicenza - Italy).
The names of the selected artists will be announced at the end of April 2021.
On that date, all participants will be informed of the outcome of the selections. The names will be published on the website (as well as all other useful information).
Performance dates and times will be established by the organizing team and will be unquestionable.
Once the finalists have confirmed their participation, the withdrawal for any reason will entail the payment of a penalty equal to the amount of the cachet.
The finalist artists are also asked to remain in Valdagno for the entire duration of the competition (10th-12th September); this is a necessary condition, because the festival spirit is about sharing works, ideas and experiences.


In the first instance, the commission will verify the truthfulness of the signed data and the completeness of the registration. False statements or missing entries will automatically entail the exclusion from the competition.
The candidate projects will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • quality of the project;
  • adherence to the theme;
  • originality and effectiveness of languages;
  • compliance with the aims of the festival.



CRASHTEST wants to offer an opportunity to encounter the territory. For this purpose, it will be required the participating artists to conduct a workshop open to all lasting 1 hour  30' on Sunday 12th September. The modalities of the workshop will be agreed upon with the organization after the selection has been made. This proposal, being a service offered to the audience, is free. We, therefore, ask the companies involved to share the spirit of free meeting and cultural transmission proposed by the festival. The workshop meetings will take place at the Sala Marzottini in Valdagno.
At the end of the day of the workshops, the finalists will then be called to participate in an event of audience development around the languages of theatre.


The Organization provides a basic attached technical sheet.
However, it is possible, for those who wish, to add more equipment independently at their own expense, within the dedicated assembly times and by informing the technical manager in advance. Each finalist will have the stage available for 3 hours on the day of the performance following the schedule indicated by the organizing team.
Even though the organization provides technical support each participant must have their own independent technician. Given the presence of more performances on the same evening, the necessary arrangements will be agreed on the easiest possible between the finalists and the organizing team.


The four finalist projects will be asked to report in all promotional materials and in any future representation the words: CRASHTEST FESTIVAL 2021 SELECTION. During the evening of Sunday 12 September 2021, two special mentions will be awarded: the CRASHTEST 2021 Audience Award, obtained by the average of the votes cast by the spectators, and the 2021 CRASHTEST Award, assigned by a jury of experts together with a team of young critics. Both special mentions do not include a cash prize.


The Organization makes itself available to all necessary information and clarifications.

Livello 4
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Valdagno, January 7, 2021


Associazione Culturale

Municipality of Valdagno
Department of Culture