TEATRO SELVATICO is an under-25 art group present in the Monregalese area that exists to artistically translate what are the instinctive, animal and wild aspects of humans and to give space to the nature of being. Their strengths are great willpower and seriousness, which to date has led them to achieve great results.

"Teatro Selvatico is born in the shadow of snowy peaks.
it hides in the branches of the stone pines
is dressed in the colors of daffodils and gentians
It has the scent of rhododendrons and lupinellas
Teatro Selvatico at times is a breath of wind, the slow fall of snow.
Other times it has the force of a blizzard and the looming of an avalanche.
Teatro Selvatico is an artistic collective
that through the deepest expression of the human self
It recognizes nature as its mother and muse.
Is an undivided consciousness alive and pulsating
Teatro Selvatico scatters the seeds for a new humanity."

"Imagine yourself" -this is their mantra and the message they want to bring to the world. 


TESTE MOBILI is a collective that has been creating spaces for artistic sharing locally and nationally since 2019, based in Valdagno. An ever-evolving space/workshop, born from the need for a space available for emerging artists to exhibit, but which has developed into a project that aims at contamination and sharing. By hidden talents they mean not only emerging artists, but also people, minorities and all those who feel excluded from more traditional artistic and cultural spaces. They want to promote a dialogue between those who exhibit, the organizers and those who will visit the exhibition to be an opportunity for integration and encourage different points of view by finding ourselves all together among art, music, theater and poetry in the same place.

The fourth edition of the Teste Mobili festival happens simultaneously and in intersection with CrashTest. It will consist of 3 days of events composed of a multidisciplinary art exhibitions in the Valdagno Civic Gallery. It is a fusion of film festival, poetry, spoken word, workshops, concerts and DJ sets every night. All of this will be held from September 2 to 4, 2022.

The theme of this edition will be "Disconnected Lands." With this theme we want artists to reflect on the local, physical, environmental, social and virtual territory. On the connections and disconnections that characterize these times.







Livello 4 would like to thank the Municipality of Valdagno, all the organizers, volunteers, sponsors, partners, workshop participants, and all the public who have made CrashTest possible these past 11 years. We count on you for all editions to come.