The 12th edition of CRASHTEST is titled:


Darkness, with us from time immemorial, is now more than ever a definition of our present. We are lost in a world where complexity rules sovereign, distressed by the future, or lack thereof, alone, failed prototypes of the society of perfection and success. We feel immersed in this darkness, we can touch it, taste it, and experience it. It is part of us.
Now it is time to look the darkness in the eye. To slam our faces against it. To stop considering it merely a generator of monsters and fears, but the place where dreams are born, where imagination is exalted. And the theater feeds precisely on this ambiguity. That is why before a performance we always turn off the lights: to let ourselves be filled with darkness, in the search for unlit, true emotions. The absence of light becomes a space of discovery, of magic, of mystery and wonder.
Without seeing anything anymore, we can imagine everything.
After all, it is precisely between two darknesses that the performance happens, a darkness that welcomes us and one that send us away transformed.

The proposed activities and competing performances will have this theme in common.