The tenth edition of CRASHTEST is titled: LESA REALTÀ (Injured Reality).

Words are stones.
And too much power is hidden in the right to always say, judge and comment.
The access to information and the opinion when sharing habits is now so democratic that everything becomes equal and legitimate.
And us? Can we still distinguish what is real?
We are getting used to believing that reality is just our opinion, even if it is indefensible; what we conceive of the world, is only the storytelling we like best, even if it is indemonstrable.
In order to find our place, we turn the world, one would say, into our image and likeness.
But at what cost?
Where have we left the doubts, the complexities, the nuances and our limits?
They have turned into algorithms, conspiracies, enemies and fake news.
Against the confusion between true and false, against this game of spotlights always on, against the din of superficial shouts, we can defend ourselves with theatre. The place of darkness and silence. The place where the lie gives way to fiction, revealing deep truths. No need to simplify, to make every thought, every gesture, every person effective, competitive, strategic.

The words we choose tell what world we live in.
The words we choose say what kind of humanity we represent.



The candidate's performances, as well as all the other events of this edition, will demonstrate elements of relevance to this topic.