The eleventh edition of CRASHTEST is titled:

consumarsi entro

Expired, exhausted, lost. Time, the World and me. Late, in a hurry, in perpetual fight. There is no time. There never is.
The more you run, the more you fall behind. You don't reach the goals, you don't meet the standards. Never in step. Never up to scratch. Still out of date. The present doesn't exist. You can only live in the past or in the future. And for both you are out of place, like an awkward guest. So what to do?
Here it is, another doubt. More stasis, more time. Lost, exhausted. Expired. In this trap, on this wheel with so many names, the more you do, the more you feel that something is missing. The more you fill up, the more you wear yourself out, because the product is you. And yet, we had just discovered that we could stop, or at least downshift, slow down the pace. We had realised that the world was asking us to pay the bill for our misalignment.
But there is a place where all this is transformed: theatre, where life is healed by beauty. There, time slows down and dissolves the clocks, immersing us in another dimension, where reflections, doubts and emotions finally find their own space. So, that out-of-sync Time and that collapsing World - even if they do not fix - can at least fix us.



The candidate's performances, as well as all the other events of this edition, will demonstrate elements of relevance to this topic.